Freedom is a privilege, freedom from pain, regret, suffering and doubt but what does it take to become free?

Does it require long lonely nights filled with thoughts of days to come?

Models: Mykola Hruts (left)
Richard Washington

Photographer: Christopher Lee
Location: Somewhere in Harlem

Are we still Human Beings?

Today i went to one of my favorite Jamaican Spots in Brooklyn called Faye Kings on Flatbush ave to get some food because i just finished a long run and didn’t want to cook. Anyway, i got into the restaurant and while on line ( it was around 1:30pm so there was a long line) a woman who looked as normal as you and i came in and asked one simple question, Can anyone please get me something to eat?

I was so shocked to see the reaction of the packed restaurant. Not one person moved, turned around or even acknowledged her request much less her presence. This hurt me to my core. At First i did ignore the first request but after analyzing what she actually said i knew that she wasn’t asking for much. I then felt conflicted in being the first to say ” hey ill get you something to eat” but then my pastors voice rang inside my head like an early morning alarm clock. The words that resinated in my mind that not only touched my heart but my soul as well was ” Jesus speaks to us using people like you and i”. I looked at that lady as if she was Jesus, meaning if jesus made that request for food would i deny him? I then put that nervousness to the side and as she stepped outside i told her “Please don’t leave, its only going to take a few more minutes”. She looked at me in away of astonishment and wonder ( i won’t ever forget the look on her face its branded in my brain). To me, in my head, i thought she was rumbling in her mind like ” who is this guy and why did he tell me to wait, I’m hungry i ain’t got time for this” LOL. But as i ordered my meal i ordered her the same meal along with a drink.

I then gave her her own bag with her meal in it and she was just lost for words ( a commonality for our brief interaction lol). The truth of the matter was there were no words needed because her eyes told a story that her words probably couldn’t formulate and it was of gratitude, joy, humbleness and thankfulness. As i wished her farewell i couldn’t stop thinking about that packed restaurant with people flaunting money around in hopes of paying for their own meal as they ignore a request that their blessed to fulfill for themselves by someone unable to do the same. it reminded me of Miley Cyrus speech ( Yes Miley Cyrus the girl who sticks her tongue out as if her tongue needs fresh air) pertaining to people in need. We see them everyday, we act as if they don’t matter but they do. THEY DO MATTER JUST LIKE YOU AND I. it just heart my heart to see the state of humanity where we can ask as if people in need don’t matter. This can stretch from something small as a smile to food. I was always taught food is the key to life and to deny a person food is to deny that person life. Im glad she was able to have something to eat tonight and i know that God will bring someone to her like he did bring me to her.

Thanks for reading!!!!

When Nature Calls..

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